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  • New E-Contract website now live Tuesday 28 March 2023

    Dear Subscriber,
    As per the communications sent to subscribers over the past few weeks, please note that the new MYBA E-Contract site is now open, you can no longer create new contracts on this site.
    This site will remain open for 4 weeks to allow you to finalise ongoing drafts.  We will send you regular reminders of this during the next 4 weeks.
    As the online payment facility is no longer available, if you do not have enough credits to generate your ongoing contracts, you will need to recreate them on the new site.
    Over the past week you should have received 2 emails from, sent via the domain, one to confirm your email address and a second with a link to set your password for Portal/E-Contract access.
    If you have only received the first email and have verified your email address, you can go directly to the Portal,, click on Login and request a password reset from there.

    If you have not received these emails, and they are not in your junk folder, please contact MYBA HQ rapidly at
    You can access the new MYBA E-Contract via the new MYBA Portal (link above) or directly here

  • Launch of new E-Contract service Wednesday 8 March 2023

    Dear E-Contract Subscriber,
    You may or may not be aware that one of the important projects that MYBA has been working on is the creation of a new centralised HQ back office, the MYBA Portal.
    However, in order for some of the tools/websites to be able to work efficiently with the new Portal, it was necessary to rebuild those whose functions were based on older technology such as the MYBA E-Contract service. It is the first tool to have been moved onto up-to-date technology compatible with the Portal and the MYBA Board is very pleased to announce that it will shortly be ready to use.
    All being well, the new MYBA E-Contract website will open on Tuesday 28th March 2023 and, from that date on, all new E-Charter agreements and E-MOAs will be raised on the new system. However, a grace period of 4 weeks will be in place for those who wish to finalise and generate any ongoing draft contracts on the current system.

    We will revert with more information as the date approaches and, a few days before the new website is officially launched, we will begin sending  links to those who already have an E-contract login. If that concerns you, you will receive 2 emails from, sent via the domain, one to confirm your email address and a second with a link to set your password for Portal/E-Contract access.

    Please ensure that you whitelist this address and domain today.
    These are emails that you definitely don’t want to miss!

    Any MYBA Member who wishes to test/use the new E-Contract prior to its official launch date can write to and they will be receive the password link immediately.

    If you have any questions on the above, please don’t hesitate to contact MYBA HQ via

    In closing, we would like reiterate that the Portal, when completed, will link all of MYBA’s tools and websites. So, in the near future, with a single  login you will be able to access everything that you possess authorisation for such as MYBA Messenger, E-contract and YACHTFOLIO. Multiple logins will soon be a thing of the past!

    Kind regards,

    The MYBA Board

  • Amended MYBA E-Contract Subscription Procedure and Terms & Conditions of Use Friday 19 July 2019

    To all Subscribers,

    Please be advised that the MYBA E-Contract Application Procedure and Terms & Conditions of Use have been amended.  Details can be found under the 'Subscribe' tab.

    Thank you.

Why Subscribe ?
INNOVATION - Contract Validator
  • Standardisation
    Everyone's MYBA E-Contracts will look the same - if it doesn't it is not a true contract
  • Authentification
    Thanks to the serial number and the date on a contract, you will be able to verify whether or not a contract you have been presented is a valid MYBA E-Contract or not.  If doubt remains, contact us and GEMEA will verify one last element.

MYBA Serial Number ValidatorIf you doubt the authenticity of an Agreement verify its validity

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