MYBA Charter Agreement Subscription Terms and Conditions

The MYBA Charter Agreement is made available for purchase and use electronically by established Yacht Brokers in exchange for a fee and compliance with these subscription Terms and Conditions.
Requirements for Subscription

- An official document dated within the last 3 months demonstrating that the company is an established yacht brokerage company.  This can vary from country to country so please contact us if you have any doubts (

- Professional Indemnity Insurance (negligence, errors & omissions cover for your charter brokerage activity)

- Industry references confirming that the principal business of the Subscriber is the charter brokerage/charter management of professionally crewed yachts and vessels

- Proof of a dedicated client account
(please click on the standard form to download it)

If the applying company fails to establish any of the above requirement points to the absolute satisfaction of MYBA, MYBA reserves the right to request more information or to decline the application until such time as the applying company is able to comply fully and clearly with the subscription Terms and Conditions.

The E-Contract account will not be activated until the required documents have been submitted and approved AND payment has been received.
The subscribing company will notify MYBA Admin should any personnel holding an E-Contract login leave the company.
MYBA reserves the right to check anytime that the subscribing company still complies with the subscription Terms and Conditions, if we find that it does not comply, MYBA reserves the right to withdraw use of the E-Contract service for non compliance.
MYBA shall have no liability to any subscribing company or any third party arising from the abuse or misuse of the MYBA Charter Agreement purchased and used electronically.
Anyone using the electronic MYBA Charter Agreement form agrees to abide by the current subscription Terms and Conditions as amended from time to time.

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