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  • Amended MYBA E-Contract Subscription Procedure and Terms & Conditions of Use Friday 19 July 2019

    To all Subscribers,

    Please be advised that the MYBA E-Contract Application Procedure and Terms & Conditions of Use have been amended.  Details can be found under the 'Subscribe' tab.

    Thank you.

  • 2017 MYBA Charter Agreement now online Monday 17 April 2017

    The MYBA Charter Committee is very pleased to announce that the new 2017 MYBA Charter Agreement is now online on the MYBA E-Contract website,
    Changes have been made to Clause 11 in order to clarify and better reflect the existing common understanding in the industry of the duty to mitigate and Clause 24 now finds itself on page 8.
    In addition the definitive contract can now be modified for a period of up to 7 days. 
    The 2016 version of the MYBA Charter Agreement will remain on the system until end October 2017, however we strongly recommend that you start using the 2017 Agreement immediately.

  • E-Contract online payment now activated Wednesday 17 April 2013

    Admin users are invited to click on "My Account" to choose the subscription and pay directly by credit card following which your invoice will shortly be available for download.

Why Subscribe ?
INNOVATION - Contract Validator
  • Standardisation
    Everyone's MYBA E-Contracts will look the same - if it doesn't it is not a true contract
  • Authentification
    Thanks to the serial number and the date on a contract, you will be able to verify whether or not a contract you have been presented is a valid MYBA E-Contract or not.  If doubt remains, contact us and GEMEA will verify one last element.

MYBA Serial Number ValidatorIf you doubt the authenticity of an Agreement verify its validity

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